Youth Coalition

Coordinator: DAJ MI RUKU

Project is connecting partners from Bosnia, Serbia and Slovenia. Bosnian and Serbian partners have a long history of the social youth work, while Slovenia has not and needs to learn new approaches. Slovenia on the other hand has plenty experience in the active participation of youth. Complementary activities prepared the programme where Bosnian and Serbian partners transfer their knowledge to Slovenian partner, while Slovenian partner transfer the knowhow in structured dialogue. Therefore the project consisted of two seminars (for youth workers) and conference where the recognition of the project and impact was given.

Main activities:

Structured dialogue (Brezice, 8-12.11.2017)
Social inclusion (Ajdovscina, 6-10.2.2018)
Local Activities
Interim meeting (Belgrade, 27-29.3.2018)
International conference (Ljubljana, 9-10.5.2018)

Manual for social inclusion and structured dialogue for youth
Questionnaire of social inclusion

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