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International seminar on structured dialogue

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International seminar on structured dialogue

Eight volunteers and one group leader attended the International seminar on structural dialogue held in Brežice, Slovenia. The seminar is part of the Youth Coalition project, which is implemented within the Erasmus + program.

Brežice is a small town in the eastern part of Slovenia, near the border with Croatia. For the seminar on structural dialogue, we selected Brežice primarily because of the excellent youth center and a large number of activities. The target group and seminar participants were volunteers and youth workers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia. The topics they learned were part of the broader theme of structural dialogue. Slovenia is one of the countries that went a long way in the structural dialogue and whose steakholders, whether they are users of different services or representatives of the executive and political parties, actively take part in the discussion on all relevant issues for the community, whether it is a local state level. Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Serbia, do not yet have a sufficiently developed culture of structural dialogue, and, considering this topic of importance for the development of a democratic society and standards, have selected a group of future young leaders and youth workers who can begin or enhance structural dialogue in the countries from which they came. Seminar participants listened to the structural dialogue and its importance, instruments of structural dialogue and political structures, as well as plan their own activities in their local communities with the help and support of experts from Slovenia.

We made standardized questionnaire to follow impact and execution of work of participants.

Author | Mladen Comments | 0 Date | 2. December 2018.

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