International seminar on Social inclusion

Five volunteers and one group leader attended the International seminar on social inclusion held in Ajdovscina, Slovenia. The seminar is part of the Youth Coalition project, which is implemented within the Erasmus + program.

Ajdovščina is a town in the Vipava valley where the Youth Center “Hisa Mladih” is located. The trainers from the “DAJ MI RUKU” and Foundation New Hope organized a seminar on the topic of social inclusion and working with marginalized groups. The target group were youth workers and volunteers of youth centers in Slovenia. During the seminar, the participants had the opportunity to listen to topics such as: Marginalized groups and their recognition, Inclusion of marginalized groups in the local community, Communication with associates, Nonviolent and assertive communication, Planning and conducting workshops, Communication with decision-makers, The role of the theater in working with socially excluded groups and Theater techniques in working with young people.

Udruženje "DAJ MI RUKU"