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DAJ MI RUKU is a civil association founded in 2009 in Belgrade, in order to achieve the objectives in the field of socio-humanitarian work. The founders of the association are social workers, psychologists and pedagogues who work in order to provide psycho-social support to children and youth, specially to socially vulnerable children and young people.

Since 2011 we cooperate with organizations from the Balkan, mainly through the project Older brother older sister, and since 2017 we are involved in Erasmus + projects (Youth Coalition). Our strengths are: a large number of young people who participate in our activities, very good cooperation with several local governments in Serbia, preschool institutions, schools, universities and companies, coaching experience in the field of volunteer management, assertiveness, emotional intelligence, forum theater, communication with stakeholders, etc.

“DAJ MI RUKU” works with young people:
      1. Future professionals and students of human sciences (Raise their professional capacity, provide them with professional practice in order to obtain better conditions for employment, offer them the opportunity to exchange professional experience, culture exchange)
      2. Young people from vulnerable groups (Provide them with psycho-social support, discover and develop their capacities and talents, enable them to exchange experiences)

“DAJ MI RUKU” works with children:
      1. Pre-school age (Encouraging socio-emotional development)
      2. Primary and High school age (Encouraging socio-emotional development, improving communication skills in order to establish better social relations, discovering and developing potentials and talents)

„DAJ MI RUKU“ works with professionals from humanities (social work, psychology, pedagogy, defectology, education (all levels of education):
       1. Improving skills and professional competencies
       2. Prevention of burnout syndrome

DAJ MI RUKU is the creator of three programs which we are implementing in Serbia with the possibility of expanding in partner countries: Older brother, older sister (since 2011), Rastiliste (since 2012) and Professional Practice for students of human sciences-with collaboration with Universities in Serbia (since 2015). We are organizing trainings for youth in the following areas: Volunteer management, Assertiveness, Forum Theater, Emotional intelligence, Communication with stakeholders, Teamwork and non-violent conflict resolution, Basics workshop activities and Business correspondence.

Mission: Improving the quality of life for children and youth with a focus on socially disadvantaged individuals and groups. Youth mobilisation and activism.

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